Understanding patient pulse from demonetization

Demonetization decision from Govt. of India has left everyone speechless. The Government of India sensed everyone on a common ground, where ideology persists and it is that button of readjust where contention begins anew with every citizen being same from now.

Though there are challenges they remain for few days, in the long run this step promised to be gainful for Indian economy. For few days this movement may impact the citizens whose loved ones are hospitalized in especially in private medical centers where patients used to rely only in the physical form.

According to few surveys, only 17% are covered under medical insurance (public/private) in India. Patients with cashless run, though a small number, however, a breather for current challenges.

Elective medical care where the contexts of knee replacement / hip replacement, some of the dental procedures may get put off by patients; where as other medical emergencies obviously can’t wait.

Online portals can be good to think where patients can approach easily for medical consultations and other medical needs and patients easily have payments by using online transfers, cashless transactions such as debit/credit cards.  According to few reports, web portal services are highly clicked after the demonetization decision especially for metro cities where patients approaching for medical appointments and medical opinions, this looks a positive sign for new entrants in the near future where patients want both elective / emergency services from a simple computer click. On account of this decision in the long go, medical care cost is also anticipated to bring down since reduction in rising prices, these concludes definitely there would be lot of business scope for healthcare online services under cash less India.


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